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It has been an honor to serve as San Jose's District 6 Councilwoman for nearly three years. Over this time, I have worked hard to be collaborative and to do what is best for the residents of District 6 and our city. There is more for us to do together, which is why I hope you will support my re-election.



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Public Safety

public safety 20.jpg

Ensuring the safety of our community is my top priority as your councilwoman. In my first term, I have worked with our Police Department, our Fire Department, our Office of Emergency Management to improve public safety, preparedness, and disaster resilience for our neighborhoods.


During my first term I have:

Worked closely with the City Attorney to get an illegal marijuana business called Coachella “Church” shut down
Advocated strongly for and secured funding for new Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes
Voted for a new police helicopter
Supported new sexual assault response protocol training for police officers
Secured funding for Fire Station 37 to be built by 2022
Secured funding for LUCAS chest compression devices for life-saving automated CPR on fire engines
Voted to increase the number of police officers
Voted to increase the Police Department budget for hire-ahead program to stabilize officer headcount and ensure sufficient officers are available for patrol

During my next term I will:

Make our neighborhoods safer from crime and gun violence
Ensure on-time completion of Fire Station 37
Secure funding for a fully staffed Fire Station 37 by building completion
Work to secure funding to equip all remaining fire engines with LUCAS chest compression devices
Advocate for additional traffic enforcement police officers


ADU construction Photo: Bay Area News Group

ADU construction
Photo: Bay Area News Group

The Bay Area’s biggest challenge is a lack of housing, which leads to excessively high housing costs and increasing homelessness. Although we cannot solve this problem alone at the city level, we must do our part while we continue to encourage other cities and towns in our region to do their part too. I have worked on initiatives to add to our permanent housing supply and to help improve the lives of our homeless neighbors as they wait for more housing to be built.


During my first term I have:

Voted to roll back regulations for accessory dwelling units (ADUs or granny units)
Opened Vermont House, which is permanent housing for formerly homeless veterans
Supported a new affordable senior housing project on Southwest Expressway and Leigh Avenue, which is under construction
Voted for Community Bridge Housing (tiny homes)
Initiated a new General Plan Amendment hearing for affordable housing projects
Convened Faith Leaders across District 6 to increase the availability of faith-based homeless services, including temporary shelter and safe parking sites

During my next term I will:

Fight homelessness and its impacts
Provide more affordable housing
Provide housing the average person can afford
Continue to advocate for a new LGBTQ-friendly affordable housing project in District 6
Continue working with Faith Leaders to increase faith-based services to homeless individuals and families
Support implementation of San Jose’s Housing Crisis Workplan to provide 25,000 new housing units by 2023
Continue to dialogue with District 6 residents about homelessness and possible solutions

Transportation and Streets

Photo: Google

Photo: Google

One of the most basic responsibilities of city government is to provide infrastructure. We all need to be able to get around safely and conveniently in our daily lives. Making sure our streets are safe for all modes of travel—walking, riding, and driving—has been an important part of my first term in office.


During my first term I have:

Secured funding for additional radar feedback trailers to reduce speeding
Completed the Hedding Street repaving and safety enhancement project
Secured funding for a badly needed new traffic signal at the Hedding and Monroe intersection
Completed the Minnesota Avenue repaving and safety enhancement project
Completed two phases of safety enhancements at Leigh and Campbell Avenues intersection
Completed the Park Avenue repaving, safety enhancement, and stormwater capture project
Completed the first segment of Bird Avenue repaving and safety enhancement project with the second segment already underway
Secured funding for the Caltrain electrification project and continue to ensure the project remains on schedule
Co-authored a letter and successfully prevented dangerous oil trains from running through our neighborhoods
Acted as your elected watchdog on potential impacts to our neighborhoods from the California High-Speed Rail project
Supported innovative e-scooter regulations
Supported a single-bore tunnel for BART to extend to downtown San Jose, Diridon Station, and Santa Clara

During my next term I will:

Improve street/road maintenance
Ensure Measure T dollars for public safety and street paving are spent wisely
Ensure that the plan for repaving every neighborhood street by 2028 remains on track
Advocate for policies that will improve safety for everyone using our roadways – pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists
Complete the third and final phase of safety improvements on Campbell Avenue
Complete the safety improvements on Coe Avenue
Ensure on-time completion of Caltrain electrification and service expansion
Complete the Caltrain Business Plan and implement an improved governance model
Complete the Diridon Station improvement plan and begin to secure funding for construction
Continue to work with Caltrain and California High-Speed Rail to ensure the best possible projects with the least negative impacts to our neighborhoods



With more frequent and devastating droughts, floods, and wildfires, the effects of climate change on our quality of life today are undeniable. We San Joseans are already taking action by recycling and reducing our waste as well as conserving water and buying more efficient appliances. I support new policies that will help us all reduce our carbon footprint further and provide a guide for all city departments to make smarter environmental choices.


During my first term I have:

Supported the San José Climate Smart plan, which will reduce San Jose’s greenhouse gas emissions to align with the Paris Climate Agreement
Voted to create San Jose Clean Energy, which purchases cleaner power for San Jose residents than PG&E
Partnered with 7-Eleven and Trash Punx at Trash Talk events, where we pick up litter while we talk about citywide and district issues
Proposed a ban on gas leaf blowers, which is now being considered as part of a gas mowers and blowers replacement program
Increased fines for illegal tree removals in our neighborhoods
Fought illegal dumping and blight by hosting Dumpster Days across District 6


Ensure the continued financial health of San Jose Clean Energy while maintaining the 1% cheaper energy option for all residents
Advocate for policies and programs that will reduce our collective greenhouse gas emissions without negatively impacting our fixed-income and low-income residents
Fight illegal dumping and blight by continuing to host Dumpster Days and Trash Talks across District 6

Economic Development

economic development 3.jpg

Although our region faces a housing shortage, San Jose is further challenged by a lack of sufficient jobs for all its working residents. This jobs shortage means that over 100,000 San Jose residents have to commute out of our city just to get to work every day. Raising the profile of San Jose, promoting events, and working with individual businesses to relocate or expand in San Jose have been my strategies for addressing our jobs imbalance.


During my first term I have:

Hosted the College Football Playoff and NHL All-Star Games, which brought thousands of tourists and millions of dollars into San Jose
Raised the profile of ComicCon and other convention center events
Worked with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak to raise funds for a city dog park
Facilitated community partnerships with Google in anticipation of their Diridon Station area project
Worked with a major company, Varian, to relocate to San Jose


Facilitate company relocations to San Jose at every opportunity
Study the feasibility and economic impact of an expansion to the Convention Center
Continue working with the San Jose Sports Authority to bring large events to our city

Parks and Community

parks and community.jpg

Our parks, libraries, and community centers are our gathering places, the places where we can go to connect with each other, learn together, and just have fun. I enjoy hosting events that bring neighbors out to build community and be entertained.


During my first term I have:

Fixed the electronic sign at Bascom Community Center
Completed Three Creeks Trail from Minnesota to Coe Avenues
Brought fun activities to the Rose Garden such as jazz concerts, movie nights, and ladybug releases
Renovated Hummingbird Park with community design input
Began the process for renovation of Lincoln Glen Park to become an all-inclusive playground for kids with special needs
Purchased a site on The Alameda to become a new park
Completed the renovation of the Bramhall Park Lawn Bowling Center
Opened Bramhall Park’s concessions and bathrooms and installed 6 large upcycled picnic tables
Supported Willow Glen Little League’s improvements to the Bramhall Park ballfields
Completed Phase 2 of Del Monte Park with new soccer fields and a playground shade structure
Secured funding for free block parties citywide for two years
Hosted Shakespeare in the Park and Summer Movie Nights across the district
Secured funding for a new sound system at Willow Glen Community Center
Assisted the formation of new neighborhood association near Meridian and San Carlos—Midtown Connections—and co-hosted their first Public Safety Fair


Complete River Glen Park renovations and Fuller Park improvements
Complete Lincoln Glen Park all-inclusive playground
Begin construction for Del Monte Park Phase 3
Complete design of Hanchett Park
Begin redesign of Cahill Park
Add a new senior lunch program at Bascom Community Center

Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement

city hall.jpg

Hearing from neighbors about the nuisance properties in their neighborhoods inspired me to delve deeply into our code enforcement process at the city. Because of necessary budget cuts in the early 2010s during the Great Recession, I learned that we no longer had the staffing to pressure owners to maintain their properties. Further, we needed to develop specific plans with community input so that entire neighborhoods could improve.


During my first term I have:

Completed four Urban Village plans and ensured robust community input
Worked closely with Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative (RLEI) on blighted and nuisance properties
Secured funding for a dedicated City Attorney for code enforcement issues
Encouraged Code Enforcement public outreach to inform residents about their services


Complete the Diridon Station Area plan amendment to reflect current market conditions, such as the Google project and resulting need for additional housing and amenities nearby
Work with the new dedicated City Attorney to remedy the worst blighted properties in District 6
Continue working with small businesses and homeowners to facilitate communications with the Planning Department and get projects completed less expensively and more timely


I am honored to receive the endorsement of leaders and organizations working to make life in San Jose better for all of our residents.


Mayor Sam Liccardo

Vice-Mayor Chappie Jones

Councilmember Lan Diep

Councilmember Pam Foley

Councilmember Johnny Khamis

Former Mayor Chuck Reed

Director Santa Clara Valley Water District, Barbara Keegan

Former Councilmember Pat Saucedo

Carl Guardino, CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Business San Jose ChamberPAC

California Apartment Association

Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS

Silicon Valley Organization PAC (formerly San Jose Chamber of Commerce)

titles for identification purpose only

Bill Baron

Mike & Susan Hennessey

Ashley King

John Leyba

Stephanie Ligsay

Bernard Vogel III

About Dev

family photo.jpg

Councilmember Dev Davis represents District 6 in San José. Before being elected in 2016, Councilmember Davis spent 12 years as an education researcher for Stanford University's Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO). With a strong interest in community organizing, she served as a Chair of the City of San José's Early Care and Education Committee, a delegate to the Junior League of California’s State Public Affairs Committee, President of the North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association, and Public Relations Chair for the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Playground Committee. Dev has a bachelor's degree in Economics and master's degrees in Public Policy and Education Policy, Organization & Leadership from Stanford University.

Dev and her husband, Chris, have been married for 20 years, and have lived in San José for almost 16 years together with their two children who attend public schools in San José.

In 2010, then with two preschool-aged children, Dev and her husband acutely felt the cutbacks the city was obliged to make as a result of the city not being able to fund its basic services.

“I would take my (potty-training in progress) preschool-aged children to the park, only to find the bathrooms closed. I would then want to take them to the library (surely the libraries would be open during the Summer) only to find the doors locked. Why weren’t these basic core services being maintained? Finally, as the city’s budget remained in a deficit, SJPD slowly stopped patrolling our neighborhood, until one day, they stopped coming altogether. This was the last straw!”

The city’s budget crisis and extreme service cuts motivated Dev to run for City Council. Like many families, Dev and her husband relied on those services and felt the impact when they were gone.

Dev ran for City Council to make sure that doesn’t happen again. As a councilmember, she focused on finding cost-effective ways to enhance public safety, improve our roads, and bring more jobs to San José while keeping our core services (Fire, Police, Roads, Libraries, and Parks) operating. While the city and our neighborhoods have improved, there is still much work to be done, particularly in caring for our unhoused neighbors and addressing our three biggest issues—housing, climate, and transportation.

Dev would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to make San José an even better place to live. Please call her at (408) 479-4864 if you’d like to discuss local issues or have ideas about possible solutions.