Public Safety

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Ensuring the safety of our community is my top priority as your councilwoman. In my first term, I have worked with our Police Department, our Fire Department, our Office of Emergency Management to improve public safety, preparedness, and disaster resilience for our neighborhoods.

radar feedback trailers

Studies have shown Radar Feedback Trailers…

Minnesota avenue

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Park avenue

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during my first term I have:

Worked closely with the City Attorney to get an illegal marijuana business called Coachella “Church” shut down
Advocated strongly for and secured funding for new Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes
Voted for a new police helicopter
New sexual assault response protocol training for police officers
Secured funding for Fire Station 37
Secured funding for LUCAS chest compression devices for life-saving automated CPR on fire engines
Voted to increase number of police officers
Voted to increase Police Department budget for hire-ahead program to stabilize officer headcount and ensure sufficient officers are available for patrol