Dev Davis’s Record of Accomplishments


One of the most basic responsibilities of city government is to provide infrastructure. We all need to be able to get around safely and conveniently in our daily lives. Making sure our streets are safe for all modes of travel -- walking, riding, and driving -- has been an important part of my first term in office.

Secured funding for additional radar feedback trailers
Completed Hedding Street repaving and safety enhancement project
Secured funding for new traffic signal at Hedding and Monroe Streets intersection
Completed Minnesota Avenue repaving and safety enhancement project
Completed two phases of safety enhancements at Leigh and Campbell Avenues intersection
Completed Park Avenue repaving, safety enhancement, and stormwater capture project
Completed first segment of Bird Avenue repaving and safety enhancement project
Secured funding for Caltrain electrification project and ensure project delivery remains on schedule
Co-authored letter and successfully prevented dangerous oil trains from running through our neighborhoods
Elected watchdog on California High-Speed Rail impacts to our neighborhoods
Supported innovative e-scooter regulations
Supported a single-bore tunnel for BART to extend to downtown San Jose, Diridon Station, and Santa Clara


The Bay Area’s biggest challenge is a lack of housing, which leads to excessively high housing costs and increasing homelessness. Although we cannot solve this problem alone at the city level, we must do our part while we continue to encourage other cities and towns in our region to do their part too. I have worked on initiatives to add to our permanent housing supply and to help improve the lives of our homeless neighbors as they wait for more housing to be built.

Voted to roll back regulations for accessory dwelling units (ADUs also known as granny units)
Opened Vermont House, which is permanent housing for formerly homeless veterans
Supported new affordable senior housing project on Southwest Expressway and Leigh Avenue, which is under construction
Voted for Community Bridge Housing (also known as tiny homes)
Initiated new General Plan Amendment hearing for affordable housing projects
Convened Faith Leaders across the district to increase availability of faith-based homeless services, including temporary shelter and safe parking sites

Planning/Building/Code Enforcement

Hearing from neighbors about the nuisance properties in their neighborhoods inspired me to delve deeply into our code enforcement process at the city. Because of necessary budget cuts in the early 2010s during the Great Recession, I learned that we no longer had the staffing to pressure owners to maintain their properties. Further, we needed to develop specific plans with community input so that entire neighborhoods could improve.

Completed four Urban Village plans and ensured robust community input
Worked closely with Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative (RLEI) on blighted and nuisance properties
Initiated designation of a dedicated City Attorney for code enforcement issues
Encouraged Code Enforcement public outreach to inform residents about their service


Our parks, libraries, and community centers are our gathering places, the places where we can go to connect with each other, learn together, and just have fun. I enjoy hosting events that bring neighbors out to build community and be entertained.

Fixed electronic sign at Bascom Community Center
Completed Three Creeks Trail from Minnesota to Coe Avenues
Brought fun activities to the Rose Garden such as jazz concerts and ladybug releases
Renovated Hummingbird Park with community design input
Began process for renovation of Lincoln Glen Park to become an all-inclusive playground for kids with special needs
Purchased site on The Alameda to become a new park
Completed renovation of Bramhall Park Lawn Bowling Center
Opened Bramhall Park’s concessions and bathrooms and installed 6 large upcycled picnic tables
Supported Willow Glen Little League’s improvements to Bramhall Park ballfields
Completed Phase 2 of Del Monte Park with new soccer fields and playground shade structure
Secured funding for free block parties citywide for two years
Hosted Shakespeare in the Park and Summer Movie Nights across the district
Secured funding for new sound system at Willow Glen Community Center
Assisted formation of new neighborhood association near Meridian and San Carlos—Midtown Connections—and co-hosted first Public Safety Fair

Public Safety

Ensuring the safety of our community is my top priority as your councilwoman. In my first term, I have worked with our Police Department, our Fire Department, our Office of Emergency Management to improve public safety, preparedness, and disaster resilience for our neighborhoods.

Worked closely with the City Attorney to get an illegal marijuana business called Coachella “Church” shut down
Advocated strongly for and secured funding for new Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes
Voted for new police helicopter
New sexual assault response protocol training for police officers
Secured funding for Fire Station 37
Secured funding for LUCAS chest compression devices for life-saving automated CPR on fire engines
Voted to increase number of police officers
Voted to increase Police Department budget for hire-ahead program tostabilize officer headcount and ensure sufficient officers are available for patrol


With more frequent and devastating droughts, floods, and wildfires, the effects of climate change on our quality of life today are undeniable. We San Joseans are already taking action by recycling and reducing our waste as well as conserving water and buying more efficient appliances. I support new policies that will help us all reduce our carbon footprint further and provide a guide for all city departments to make smarter environmental choices.

Supported the San José Climate Smart plan
Voted to create San Jose Clean Energy, which purchases cleaner power for San Jose residents than PG&E
Trash Talks-7-Eleven partnership
Trash Punx Partnerships
Gas mowers and blowers program being considered
Tree Removal Controls—Increasing Fines for Illegal Removals
Dumpster Days

Economic Development

Although our region faces a housing shortage, San Jose is further challenged by a lack of sufficient jobs for all its working residents. This jobs shortage means that over 100,000 San Jose residents have to commute out of our city just to get to work every day. Raising the profile of San Jose, promoting events, and working with individual businesses to relocate or expand in San Jose have been my strategies for addressing our jobs imbalance.

Hosting College Football Playoff and NHL Allstar Game
Raising the profile of ComicCon and other convention center events
Working with Steve Wozniak to raise funds for a city dog park
Facilitating community partnerships with Google in anticipation of their Diridon Station area project
Varian—worked with major company to relocate to San Jose